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Concrete Staining

Transform dull and old concrete flooring into a masterpiece that will become the charm of any room in your property. Concrete staining allows you to express your creativity with a cost-effective solution and guarantees to bring life to your existing flooring.

With the help of Concrete Recovery, we will assist you from the consultation to the installation, making sure that you are completely satisfied with each step of the process.

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Concrete Stains

Concrete Recovery offers two types of concrete stains: acid staining and water-based staining. Both staining products are known to be durable and long-lasting. Our products will help you achieve rich, vibrant colors and can also be mixed and applied to resemble stone, marble, wood, and more.

Acid-Based Concrete Stains

Acid staining is a process that includes a chemical reaction with your existing cement surfaces. This adds a decorative touch of color and turns your cement into a texture resembling polished marble. Almost any pattern or texture can be achieved when using different colors of stain. With our skill and expertise, we can create a unique feature to your property decor.

Water-and Solvent-Based Concrete Stains

Water-based staining is a non-hazardous alternative to acid staining as it is not a chemical reactive method. One of the main advantages of water-and solvent-based staining is that the colors are built up using multiple coats, without needing to wait for a chemical reaction to occur. There are significantly more options with water-based staining that aren’t necessarily possible to do with acid stained concrete floors.

Need help choosing a staining product? Contact us for more information about the various options for concrete staining.

Indoor Concrete Stain

Decorating your home has never been easier with the multitude of techniques and products that are now available on the market. It is important to choose a flooring system that will last without having to replace it frequently.

Although dull grey concrete isn’t the first thing you think of when envisioning a luxurious floor, we can transform your property into a trendy and beautiful feature with our modern techniques and styles for concrete staining.

Outdoor Concrete Stain

Decorative stains give you the option of coloring and styling your exterior concrete flooring, adding depth and contrast to your outdoor space. Unlike paint, staining does not chip or fade over time, making it a great choice to revamp your dull concrete patio or walkway.

Sealers are designed to protect your surfaces by giving them resistance to weather and providing optimum durability. Outdoor concrete stain gives you the look of new concrete, without the price attached to replacing it.

Permanent Results with Concrete Staining


Numerous colors are available when it comes to concrete staining that can be easily matched with your current decor. It is also possible to combine several colors and textures to create different effects, such as marble.


Instead of replacing your existing concrete floors, why not revitalize them with a brand-new look using an acid-based or water-based stain.

Low Maintenance

Stained concrete requires very little care, similar to that of your standard floors. Necessary cleaning and periodic resealing over the years will keep your floors looking their best.


Because the stain penetrates the concrete, there is no risk of it chipping away or wearing over time. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and all types of weather.

Contact Our Reliable Decorative Concrete Contractors

If you have become uninterested in the current state of your indoor flooring or exterior concrete surfaces, stained concrete floors may be the perfect solution for you. Our experts are ready to assist you in planning your next concrete staining project.

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